Here are some of the projects I have worked on over the last few years. I was the main sound person on the following projects  (unless otherwise specified) .

TV series and documentaries (2016-2022)

The F**k it bucket (Netflix - 2AS - series 1) 

Women's FA cup semifinal live (BBC1) 

Krystal Versace at the Palladium

Cow (Prod. co: BBC - Director: Andrea Arnold)

Louis Theroux – Mothers on the edge - additional sound ( BBC - Director: Mark Casebow)

Mamma Mia 2 world premiere – interviews with main cast+crew including Tom Hanks, Cher, Pierse Brosnan and members of ABBA (Prod.Co: Extra)

Little Mix The Search ( BBC – Director: Jon Bartley)

Horrible Histories 7 – sound assistant ( BBC Director: Various)

Tudor history with Tracy Borman ( Historic Royal Palaces)

Hampton Court Gardens ( Historic Royal Palaces)

The Windsors Series 2 - ep1 to 6 – sound assistant ( Channel 4 - Director Adam Miller)

The Windsors Christmas special ep1&2 - sound assistant ( Channel 4 – Director: Adam Miller)

The Athena – sound assistant 26 episodes (Prod co: Bryncoed for Sky Atlantic – Director: various) 5 nominees

The 11th hour - dubbing in Italian of 3 series of the 11th hour, recording/directing actors, proofreading and translating scripts,lip- synching – ( RAI)

SJ Lewis documentary (Prod. co: Fader magazine Director : Harvey Pearson)

Merck - Living with HIV ( Progress Films)

Harlem's Last Poet  - Documentary about The Last Poets ( Audiovisual Terrorism – Director : Vagabond)

Climate Change Documentary 2 - Nousheen’s questions  ( Gravitas DocuFilms – Director : Kurt Norton Nousheen Zoarder)

HOT 8 marching brass band - "House of common" Clapham common music festival

( Gnarled Apple – Director: Ben Cox)

Selda @ womad Festival ( Infidels Films)

If Everyone Knew (Prod co. My accomplice - Dir: Imogen Harrison)

Jerry Gonzales documentary


Brand content (2016-2020)

Oxfam Power of Proud (prod co. Progress Films - Dir. Matthew Hopkins)

Channel 4 "vision" ( Channel 4 - Director: Alex Boutell)

Coop Food membership story telling ( Nice Shirt -Director: Richard Jung)

Adidas athlete _ Jazmin Sawyer ( Shiny Projects)

Adidas future craft coded ( Lief – Director: Jordan Buck)

Pampers think tank (Prod co.: Saatchi & saatchi)

Dept of Education - Guardian Labs ( Lief for The Guardian – Director: Jessica Bishopp)

Malala - Malala fund end of year video (Prod co: Across the Pond)

Stella McCartney/Adidas - Breast cancer awareness week ( Image Partnership Director: Clara Cullen)

Ovarian cancer action (Prod. co: Snapper/Heads up)

Deichmann featuring Rita Ora ( Deichmann/Friend Director: Zak Spiger

Alexa Chung YouTube tutorials ( Little Dot Studios)

Google - Mother day ( Casual Films)

Kuoni - PTE vs Alexa ( Progress Films)

The Body Shop ( Team Media Production Limited)

Tu - Sainsbury underwear campaign ( Alex Simpson Director: Alex Simpson)

OnYGo featuring Rita Ora ( Stink Studios)

DHL Dare to export ( Progress Films)

Vodafone maternity programme ( Casual Films)

Yonex Eclipsion with top tennis player Stan Wawrinka ( Define Films)

Uber ( This is insomnia)

Adidas for JD Sport ( Tiger)

ATNT at RedBull Racing ( FHF)

Hey Danone ( FHF)

Facebook 7 manager behaviours ( Casual Films)

Dine in the sky - filmed at 100 ft height (Prod co:Progress Films)

London dance academy (Prod co: Toad Motion – Director : Amelie Exton)

LifeBox – medical procedures (Prod co: Progress Films)

LSA -London Screen Academy (Prod co: Working Titles Films & Stink Films - Dir : Femi Ladi)

MJ awards (Prod. co : Toad Motion Director : Amelie Exton)


Short films (2015-2020)

Well meaning people ( Guildhall Pictures – Director: Charlie Brades-Price)

My dad, Marie (Prod. co: Minoan Pictures -  Director: Maj Jukic)

Lifeline (  Chocolate box - Director: Mamoru Takano)

A cup of tea ( Velvet Joy Productions – Director: Sam Walker)

The Horse ( Lief – Director: Lotje Sodderland)

Hunting grounds (Director: Domenico Palomba)

Spaghetti ( Mmcbpproductions & Left Hander films - Director: Mary McBain)

Keeping it together (short film shot on 16 mm)

Tolerance ( Fix Films - Director: Paul Laight)

The Pitch (shot on 35mm - Gulidhall Pictures - Director: Maj Jukic)

Flatmates ( Fix Films - Director: Paul Laight)

The Service ( Inspired Pictures – Director: Luke Armstrong)

The change ( Quarry Island Films - Director: Janet Wells)

The outrider ( Two eyes films – Director: Jeremy Joyce, Rob Lockyear)

Katya ( Lumino Films – Director: Jane Sanger) selected to 5 festivals so far and won 10 awards - 5 x Best Short Film, 1 x Best Director, 2 x Best Leading Actress Awards,1 x Best Score and 1 x Best Cinematography.

Visitors ( Lumino Films – Director: Jane Sanger) prize winner at the Unchosen Film Competition 2016, shortlisted for best short film at 2 festivals.

The Con Game ( Films – Director : Jane Sanger) won an award of excellence at LA Global Shorts 2016 - also selected for Cannes Film Festival 2016

Thunder Under Control (Director: Eben Skilleter)


Feature Films (2018-2020)

Swipe right (Prod. co: Lumino Films - Dierctor:Jane Sanger)

saint soldier ( G and G multimedia - Director: Kumar Bunti)

Innocent Candy ( Clocktower films – Directors: Stephan Michael & Tracy Gough)

Heroes and cowards (Director: Josh White)

Weapon (Director: Simon Tate)

Unintentionhell (Director: Balbeer Bahi)

Artists’ installations and other works (2018-2020)

Incidental portrait (artist: Amie Siegel)

Thanatos (artist: Eric Fong)

Anat’s Party (artist: Bo Choi)

Room within a Room (artist: Julia Griffiths Jones)


Camera Work (2015-2019)

The Nutcracker - 2nd camera - school show- (

Adidas for JD sport (2nd camera -interview with Chelsea player Ruben Loftus-Cheek)

Informa international conference ( Rock the boat)

Qatar Embassy signing ceremony ( Rock the boat)

Alice in wanderland - ballet -theatre production (

Julia Griffiths Jones (artist promo) (

Fidic international contract users' corporate conference (cam2) ( Rock the boat)

client assets protection corporate conference (cam2) ( Rock the boat)

offshore tax corporate conference (cam2) ( Rock the boat)

salvage and wreck corporate conference (cam2) ( Rock the boat)

greenwich flash mob (live event - cam2) (

cheri saad showreel (

Nataylia roni showreel (cam1) (

Seb Handley showreel (cam 2) (

the reel factory - actor showreel (

Newsquest testimonials (

Greenwich dance Xmas cabaret (cam2) (

Miss Julie - theatre show - (second camera) (

Finger in the pie cabaret (second camera) (

Medical lectures (

London Collection : Men (Interview with Sir Paul Smith) (

Krish ans Lee (behind the scenes - feature film) (

Rehearsed Reading: 'We were only going to buy some Bun & Cheese'

nataylia roni (showreel) (

Inteview with Mr. Caprarica(Italian RAI news correspondent in London)

Choice hotels (ads - 8 hotels in italy ) (Prod co: Spectrecom)

4 hours (interviews with cast + director for documentary)

Iranian festival london - (backstage documentary)

Aldenham school (ad)( :Newsquest)

Plasa Show 2011(Live event - Earls court) (

wave2media (adverts videolibrary) (

Newsquest (testimonials) ( :Newsquest)

Mph (live show) (

Newsquest (ads), (

Amari supercars (corporate video) (

Don Carlos (live Gig), (

Lissie,(live perfromance- second camera) (

Johnny flyn, (live performance - second camera) (

Thopolus London (live performance) (

GSK sensodyne corporate video (

100% design london (event) (

ITV Local (FA CUP 2008/2009 matches) ( ITV)

ITV Local (FA cup trophy tour) ( ITV)

ITV Local (Earls Court BoatShow)( ITV)



sound design/ mixing: (2016-2020)

Criminal Audition (trailer)

katya (short)

HOT 8 marching brass band- "House of common" clapham common music festival

Visitors ( short)

Until Tomorrow (short)

Krish & Lee (feature)

Microsoft animation

Blind Alley (short) -

Ravishing Beauty (short) -

moviola3d(film trailers)

grain media (manland-short film), -

RAI - 11th hour (sound design for the overdubbed series in italian)



Video Editing: (2009-2017)

The Nutcracker (school show)

katya (short)

rugby worldcup2018- behind the scene of videogame development

Dell for vendor of the year (promo)

Qatar friendship fund(30 minutes documentary)

Just (corporate internal video)

Straight out of Carpi (video about Italian football supporters,in Italian with subtitles)

Alice in wonderland - ballet -theatre production

Videographico- Nataylia Roni actor showreel

Barclays credit cards experience (internal video)

Il Divo (TV Ad)

Sainsbury (internal video)

Barclay's ATM experience (internal video)

Stoptober (comedy night highlights)

Cocoa and Heart ( promo)

Julia Griffiths Jones (artist promo)

Greenwich Dance Flash Mob

Missed opportunities(promo)

il Divo, tv advert ( U.S.A & U.K)

ISM school of management videos

Greenwich world cultural festival ( event highlights)

mobil1 with Jenson Button

take off- molecular disease mood video

Nataylia roni showreel

take off - Mc vities pirate biscuits marketing videos

Nataylia roni showreel (2 cam edit)

Seb Handley showreel (2 cam edit)

the reel factory - actor showreel

Newsquest Testimonials

Greenwich dance Xmas cabaret

videographico - Miss Julie - web promo for theatre production

Take off - videos for Roller casino facebook app introduced by George Lamb

Finger in the pie cabaret (highlights and videos of full performance by some of the acts)

Videographico - MA Educare (martial arts training video)

Filmflex movie ltd - promos, trailers and featurettes of film releases for virgin media, 4OD, and hmv

Videographico - Krish ans Lee (behind the scenes - feature film)

Videographico - The Big Family Cabaret presented by Greenwich Dance

take off - WWF environmental videos campaign

Videographico - Juliet Gilkes (bbc world news presenter showreel)

take off (gsk- at home gym video with Les Goodman and Arlene Phillips)

Take Off - (Vodafone London fashion weekend with Compeed)

Videographico - nataylia roni (showreel)

Spectrecom - Choice hotels (ads - 8 hotels in italy )

4 hours ( documentary on feature film "4 hours")

Aldenham school (ad)

London Mayor campaign (Vox Pops)

Newsquest ( vox pops)

moviola3d (film trailers - horror)

wave2media (adverts videolibrary )

perform (england squad press conference)

perform (england football squad training)

Perform (harry redknapp press conference)

Flixmedia ( localisation of various product demonstration for HP, Canon, Hoover, Candy Hoover, Siemens,Nespresso)

100%design london (Promo - Live event - Earls court)

mph show (Promo - Live event - Earls court)

Newsquest (various ads)

Julia Griffiths Jones (Artist promo)

Amari supercars (corporate video?)

Bluprint tv (corporare - editing footage of an italian energy plant , translating interviews from italian into english and viceversa)


ITV Local,, ITV mobile - variuos shows (Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Touch of Frost, Wire, Dancing on ice....) FA CUP 2008/2009 matches and trophy tour , Earls Court BoatShow, adverts and promos,