Sound recording


The  showreel above contains examples of my work on film sets. (updated Sept 2018)

The showreel above contains a selection of interviews, vox pops, documentaries, live events & music I recorded.

(Updated Oct 2016)


For more examples of sound recording please click link below

sound recording video playlist

Hi there,

I am a freelance sound recordist with my own equipment

1x 688 sound devices 12 channels mixer/recorder,
2x sanken cos11 lapel mics
2x sennheiser G3 radio mics sets,
1 x 416 sennheiser shotgun mic and boom,
1x directors’ Sennheiser in ear monitoring,
Tentacle synch box with connectors to most cameras

I have been recording for many years, starting with music, working with bands around London.

In the last few years though,  I have concentrated on field sound recording and I have gained lots of experience recording on location, in all sorts of environments and most weather conditions. I have worked on documentaries, award winning short films and low budget features, TV series, branded content and live events. I have also worked in studio (ADR, Foley and sound design, lip synch etc).

I have experience working on productions of all sizes, with both professional and unexperienced talent of all ages, putting everyone at ease.

I have been involved in filming all over the Uk, some parts of Europe and USA. I am used to working in sometimes bizarre or challenging locations.
I have experience recording some wild and farm animals .

I’m familiar with many aspects of film production, so on shoots with very basic crew, where everyone has to be hands on, I am able to operate a camera , do DIT etc. and I happily and quickly learn a new workflow or piece of equipment.
I am used to working long hours, I am happy to be away for long periods of time and, whenever necessary, to slam it.
I am based in SE London and I'm happy to travel anywhere.
I hold a full UK driving licence and a valid Enhanced DBS certificat, which is available on request (issued may 2024). This allows me to work with children and vulnerable people.
I speak Italian as well as English. I also speak a little Spanish.