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Marina Fusella

Sound Recordist

Video Editor


This is a showreel I compiled of stuff I worked on

For a comprehensive playlist of videos I edited please click on the link below

video editing playlist

Hi there,

I have been editing

promos & adverts - both for TV and web -

live events highlights - including multicamera shoots and national sporting events -

interviews & voxpops

corporate videos -  including the healthcare & energy sector

training videos and product demos - including localization in many languages -

popular TV programmes catch ups and previews

featurettes & trailers for cinema releases and short films

showreels - for tv presenters, artists, musicians, singers, all kind of performers, dancers

a few music videos - mainly stop-motion based -


artists' profiles


I own/can work FCP7, FCPX, Premiere pro CC 2015, Motion, Photoshop, Soundtrack pro, Protools and Logic. (I have experience in music production, audio editing and mixing) Compressor, Mpeg Streamclip etc.

I am familiar with various tapeless workflows and I am  experienced in compressing and encoding files for internet upload.

I am used to working on my own, with a client or director and as part of a team.

I can work at short notice and I am used to tight deadlines. 

I freelance in different environments, using the clients' equipment and adapting to their workflow.

I can also work remotely, from my own studio set up. (I run Premiere Pro CC 2015 and  FCP 6)

I have a car and I speak Italian as well as English.

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